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Dil e muntazirr/The longing heart

With strict literal (Non poetic) english translation

Hrr ik dil e muntazir ko saba mil jayay

May waiting hearts be filled with breeze of the dawn

Mujh ko tu milay tujhay khuda mil jayay

Silly of me that i seek you while you seek the one lord

Yaar e bad maar e bad aur b milay loug chand

In this finite journey Friends in lieu of snakes with some other people met

Dil e mukhlis huva zak ab bss chara saaz mil jayay

My heart is all wounded is there any healer to get

Aahou say chahou say kuch duniya aur hai

There is more to life than dying for some carnal desires

Hr jazbay say khalis hokay mujhay qalb e sukoon mil jayay

May i become swept of human emotions and thus will my heart find peace

Saba:Breeze of the dawn

Yaar e bad :Bad friend

Maar e bad: poisonous snake


Zakkk:Insulted,Raped off


Chara saaz :Healer

Qalb: Heart