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Silwat/Mourning silhouettes

Silwatou say bari ratein khtam na ho

May these destined sad nights never end

Aahatou k baad chehra koi ravaan na ho

May you remain in silhouettes,never into picture descend

Iss qadr bay hiss ho chukii zindagi

In the desert of loneliness,all my emotions left

Aahein sard chasmein nam kuch khbr na ho

Sensations of pain and happiness,having no heft

Mil hi jani hai mout ik din tanha rah mein

I am in the journey of pain,having death as my destination

Umeed e wafa zikr e khuda muqadr na ho

Heart cries of God,never finding him,faithfull folks just on a rim

Shikhayatou say trr rahi zindagi umer brr

People complained and the clouds only rained

Teray wadou ko meri zindagi mayasrr na ho

All the promises broken,lies is all what i gained

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Dil e muntazirr/The longing heart

With strict literal (Non poetic) english translation

Hrr ik dil e muntazir ko saba mil jayay

May waiting hearts be filled with breeze of the dawn

Mujh ko tu milay tujhay khuda mil jayay

Silly of me that i seek you while you seek the one lord

Yaar e bad maar e bad aur b milay loug chand

In this finite journey Friends in lieu of snakes with some other people met

Dil e mukhlis huva zak ab bss chara saaz mil jayay

My heart is all wounded is there any healer to get

Aahou say chahou say kuch duniya aur hai

There is more to life than dying for some carnal desires

Hr jazbay say khalis hokay mujhay qalb e sukoon mil jayay

May i become swept of human emotions and thus will my heart find peace

Saba:Breeze of the dawn

Yaar e bad :Bad friend

Maar e bad: poisonous snake


Zakkk:Insulted,Raped off


Chara saaz :Healer

Qalb: Heart

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Zindagi/Of Life

Kuch Hasratein baaqui reh gayein

Life lived on but some wishes voided

Kuch bin kahay hi reh gayein

Some desires filled and some avoided

Kuch raastay jin pay chalay hum umer bar

Some well travelled ways choosed and rided

Kuch bin chalay hi reh gayein

Some naïve paths often chided

Kuch waaday kuch umeedein baaqui reh gayein

Expectations remained and some promises stayed

Kuch batein kehi kuch raatay baaqui reh gayein

Everything said and in darkness of lies some prevailed

Zindagi pur kr k aaya yaad

Everything learnt of human and on death

Kuch zindagi baaki reh gayi

It occured that some emotions were still left

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Ishq e haq

Main ishq e haq say munawar huwa

Mera dil aabay kousar say tarr huwa

Meri kishti thi jis aabay rawaan mai

Na thi koi manzil uss kehkashan mai

Teray rukh nay kii mujh pay ik nazar

Aur mah e shab mai kishti ubaar karr

Kiya mohtaram meray naam ko

Meray kaam ko bana k ikk nazam

Huva khusnuma mera aasmaan

Zindagi javedaan dil hai aashna

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Intizaar e yaar

Mera dil chand dinu say bemaar hai

Yunhi intizaar e teemaar hai

Ujaad gaya jo hr gul gulistan mai

Mera veham woh gumaan e bahar hai

Basta tha kabhi iss dil mai b ik sehar

Saba e ghum say ab yay mazaar hai

Woh parinda jisko mila na koi ghar

Umeed e aashiyaan mai ab bayqaraar hai

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Three horses

861614The snow was falling outside in April. It was a rare event. There had never been a fall in this season in my life until now. I was in my room watching some explicit cum primetime show meant for ‘family’ [no pun intended].I wasn’t a workaholic, laziness topped the charts in my bad habits.It was an unusual, extraordinary day, not only because of the eccentric climate but of the reason that i was getting tired of watching the idiot box, something I was feeling for the first time in my record of T.V  attendance.
Somehow I began to think,i began to appreciate the wonderful visuals created by ALLAH that day. I was quite enjoying my first encounter with natures beauty, something i missed before,the reason being gizmos and gadgets.I got up in order to enhance my view. Almost half a km from the window,i saw three horses. Among the three one was white, the other two being brown, with the white one defeating both his two peers in a race of looks miserably.
As i mentioned earlier, this particular day was quite extraordinary because of the drastic changes in climate and in my emotions so there were quite many surprises waiting to be unwrapped. The Brown twins were busy in their meal with their heads down. The white lad was looking up,high in the sky. It looked like he was feeling the ‘feel ‘ of snow falling on his head. I was getting contained in this wonderful sight but my mother invaded my privacy and entered my room. An old woman who had been ill for a handsome span of time had died just while I was in my thoughts about the three horses.
My mother ordered me to go with the funeral. I wasn’t so obedient but this time I instantly said okay as the three horses had gone miles away from my vision.
The family was struck with unfortunate sorrow. I wasn’t so emotional maybe because of my 24 hours exposure with melodrama. In the while, my mind was constantly recapping about the horses and trying to figure out as to why the white horse was looking up.
Meanwhile my eyes randomly saw a little boy ,about 13 crying mercilessly while her old grandmother was being buried. I began to compare the little boy with myself. I constantly stared at the boy’s face thinking how innocent his face was like that of his emotions and how reel life enacted and shown to me have transformed me into a flamboyant beast.
Getting over from this self-realization my eyes encountered upon the plate on which name, d.o.b and death date of the old woman were written. Besides this, a sentence was written on the plate in Arabic. I without shame asked a Muslim cleric standing right beside me about the meaning of the very sentence.”Every soul shall taste death” was his response with his eyes not being too cruel and not too shallow for this occasionally stupid question of mine.
I never pondered minutely about anything until this very day. While I was in my way to home I met the brown brothers running like hell. If I had stopped their way that time, they would have crumbled me down. They were running like they were competing with each other in a marathon.
I returned home, after having dinner I began to recap all these emotionally charged episodes. I became asleep only by ‘thinking’ that night. It was another extraordinary thing that happened in those 24 hours. My eyes had made a routine of not closing their shutters before watching their favorite shows until midnight.
I woke up early the next morning but not voluntarily. While rubbing my dreamy eyes, the thought of the handsome white horse came to my mind. I recollected the ‘scene’ of the running brown athletes heading to their ‘unknown’ destination without their white partner. This made me restless even after having such a delightful sleep after such a long time.I went out to find the whereabouts of the white hunk. Soon i saw his partners having their breakfast with heads of both, of course, down enjoying their meal. I tried to look here and there for the ‘third one’ but all in vain…….
At last, what I guess was the feeling of pity felt by these emotionless creatures for me, they stared at me for about a minute and then looked up like their missing partner. I don’t know how and why but i heard someone whose voice resembled mine loudly like a thunder yelling out “EVERY SOUL SHALL TASTE DEATH””
and i said (goodbye)

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Sehar e yaar

Yay teray sehar ka aaysa rang kyu hai

Yahan aasmaan main parinday kam kyu hain

Dil ho chali to rotay hain

Yahan pay chehknay ki rasam kyu hai

Hr goshai mai hai barpa mausam mere ghum ka

Tere hi sehar mai namm na hai

Zindagi khatam rastay hongai khatam na

Meray veham ko yay khayal kyu hai

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Akelaypann say labraiz aur ishq mai mayoous

Meri bohut bohut udaas zindagi

Tamaam umer kisi k saath ki talaash mai

zindagi kam aur rastay lambay hotay gayay

Ae mere udaas dil samj ley

Jismou ki talaash mai ruh nahi mila krti