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Silwat/Mourning silhouettes

Silwatou say bari ratein khtam na ho

May these destined sad nights never end

Aahatou k baad chehra koi ravaan na ho

May you remain in silhouettes,never into picture descend

Iss qadr bay hiss ho chukii zindagi

In the desert of loneliness,all my emotions left

Aahein sard chasmein nam kuch khbr na ho

Sensations of pain and happiness,having no heft

Mil hi jani hai mout ik din tanha rah mein

I am in the journey of pain,having death as my destination

Umeed e wafa zikr e khuda muqadr na ho

Heart cries of God,never finding him,faithfull folks just on a rim

Shikhayatou say trr rahi zindagi umer brr

People complained and the clouds only rained

Teray wadou ko meri zindagi mayasrr na ho

All the promises broken,lies is all what i gained


Life teaches and i learn

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