Posted in Urdu Poetry

Zindagi/Of Life

Kuch Hasratein baaqui reh gayein

Life lived on but some wishes voided

Kuch bin kahay hi reh gayein

Some desires filled and some avoided

Kuch raastay jin pay chalay hum umer bar

Some well travelled ways choosed and rided

Kuch bin chalay hi reh gayein

Some naïve paths often chided

Kuch waaday kuch umeedein baaqui reh gayein

Expectations remained and some promises stayed

Kuch batein kehi kuch raatay baaqui reh gayein

Everything said and in darkness of lies some prevailed

Zindagi pur kr k aaya yaad

Everything learnt of human and on death

Kuch zindagi baaki reh gayi

It occured that some emotions were still left


Life teaches and i learn

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